Ionic v4.0.0-final Roadmap / ETA

I’ve been looking forward at using Ionic v4 for a project, however as the docs are not working and the many bugs that appear on the issue tracker, I’m left questioning its current stability, and looking for alternatives.

Is there an ETA for when Ionic v4.0.0 final will land? Which 2019 quarter are we talking?

which docs?

which one are related to your app?

I personally think that the quality of v4 is good, my app with v4 is in store since a while now

Update: Sorry didn’t answered your question, so about timeframe, I could only say that release candidate I guess is soonish (see last chapter

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Last Sunday the doc was also briefly down. I guess it’s a side effect because they added or will add some information about styling and style variables. I’ll follow the doc question.

@balupton the doc has been fixed by Ionic in the meantime

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