Ionic v1 with Ionic Pro questions


I’ve some legacy apps which are still written in Ionic V1, and at this time we don’t have the budget nor the time to update to Ionic V3, but we need to update some of the apps.

If i understand correctly :

  1. I can still use the Iatest Ionic CLI to build the apk and use the apk to publish it in Play store

  2. I can NO longer use the Ionic View if i DO NOT use the Ionic Pro with Git and linking the app to the Ionic Pro.

  3. I will still be able to develop and build in Ionic V1 using the Ionic Pro if i’m able to link and use the git commit (which i’m still unable to do until now)

Am i understanding it correctly ?

I know that the best options are to rewrite in Ionic V3 and use the Ionic Pro, but hélas, at this time it’s not possible.

Thank you everyone for the help