[Ionic V1] Capacitor Native Push Notifications & AngularJS

I’m honestly at my wits end trying to figure this out. I have been trying to convert my app from Cordova to Capacitor since a few of our plugins are not compatible with new versions of Ionic/Cordova.

It is currently a:

  • Ionic v1
  • Cordova
  • AngularJS

Due to specific business reasons I am unable to rewrite the entire app to a newer version of Angular which I know would make my life so much easier since I could just upgrade all the tech in the app to support newer architecture.

I’ve been able to migrate every feature of the app to Capacitor since the plugins are compatible except the Phonegap-Push-Plugin. I have not been successful in getting this plugin to work. So my next steps are to migrate the existing AngularJS code to use the Native Capacitor Push Notifications API. However, the only documentation on how to use this API that I am able to find is all for Angular 2+. And I’ve been following the migration guide for Cordova -> Capacitor for Ionic V1 apps.

Does anyone have any suggestions or links to point me to that could allow me to migrate this app to use Native Capacitor Push Notifications API for AngularJS without a complete rewrite.

Ionic CLI 2.1.14
Ionic App Lib 2.1.7
Node v8.11.2
Capacitor 1.5.0

Also, I have already found and attempted the suggestions here: https://www.joshmorony.com/sending-push-notifications-with-the-phonegap-push-plugin-in-capacitor/ . Something has changed in more recent version of Android and IOS that make the suggested changes incompatible.