Android 12 Push notification is not working

I have ionic 5 live application in google play store.
Which uses Angular 8 and capacitor 2.5.0

Push notification is working fine for my ios devices and for android versions less then 12 but not for 12.

What update or changes I need to do so that for android 12 also notification arrives in notification tray

I believe you need to update to Capacitor 4 in order to support Android 12 (SDK 31) and @capacitor/push-notifications": "^4.0.0".

How can i do that ? Can you share any document links or steps ?

Will it impact my project in any other way ?

Also to upgrade capacitor version I will need to update my angular version ?

Check out the Capacitor docs. On the left there are the different Upgrade Guides. You’ll need to update to Capacitor 4 soon anyways as Android is requiring all apps to be on at least SDK version 31 (source).

I wouldn’t think you would need to upgrade Angular since Capacitor is framework agnostic but am not 100% sure.

Is there any other alternative other than updating the plugin?

Maybe this - Push notifications not work in android 12 - #6 by caipirginka