IONIC v1 apps , IOS backward compatibility


Hi down to what IOS is our IONIC v1 apps backward compatible with?
I am also using CORDOVA
Will like to update my apps details with what versions of the IOS it should be compatible with.

The issue…
I was send feedback on my very simple app with Cordova sharing, where after the splash screen the blank screen of death appears. I Easily duplicated the issue,on my iPad mini 1, which can only upgrade to IOS 9.3.5.


Hi, I will talk for ionic 2 again, and there is no loss between the 2.
But all code is retro back-enabled, there is no loojoes, jut the code is not a bit different with Ionoic 4.

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What are you talking about? Ionic 1 code is absolutely not “back-enabled” with the current version of the framework. It is built on a completely different and incompatible version of Angular.


This mainly depends on Cordova.

The device must have at least iOS 8 installed, the minimum iOS version supported as of Cordova 4.0.0

From the current Cordova docs:


Should post this question to support?


Did you remote debug the problem on the device already? Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Safari dev tools: Look at the console and network tabs for errors.


One thing you might try is installing cordova-plugin-wkwebview-engine.


Cool idea, let me do that


Cool, the device is on IOS 9.3.5.


I am coding in IONIC Creator, should I add it in my code settings|cordova plugins?


Oh, sorry. I’ve never used Ionic Creator.


The apps work fine on the current IOS but it cannot even install on my iPad mini 1 which can only upgrade to IOS 9.3.5.
There is nothing too debug…


Mixed message:

vs.[quote=“IlonkaBuwalda, post:12, topic:90741”]
but it cannot even install on my iPad mini 1

Which is it?


On the released version the splash screen appears and then the blank screen on an iPad mini 1 iOS 9…

On the same device the dev / debug version when sync in iTunes, the app does not even install


Hm, this doesn’t make to much sense. If the store version installs, the dev version should as well.


That’s why I am baffled, and stuck because I would like to get Dow to the the bottom of this, the app the issue was found is luckily free but I have tested my other app to which is not. The problem is that the compatibility information on the App Store is set by reading the Xcode or project settings set in the ionic framework so I cannot even update that think I need ionic support to help here