Ionic v1 android device compatibility

Hello everybody

I have an app which is build in ionic v1 and which I want to publish in the google play store. So far so good.

The thing is, that the app only supports 260 devices - not matter what I change within the manifest.xml. I want to have the maximum of possible devices or even almost all possible devices.

I have already changed the minVersion and targetVersion of SDK, changed the screen settings and even deleted those, changes minVersion and targetVersion of all the manifests of plugins.

I googled a lot but didn’t find an answer in the diverse forums. Perhaps anyone has a hint to solve my problem.

Can anybody help?

Thank you very much in advance.

Why aren’t the other devices (what are those?) not supported?

That’s the question…

Hello - I found it by my own. I reduced not only the min-version but also the target version for sdk. After that more than 10 k devices available.

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Can you post the code that you used to achieve this? Might be useful for future readers.