Ionic v1 and Google Maps AP: zooming while clusters render causes map to freeze

I am using the gmaps-marker-clusterer library (v1.2.0) together with the Google Maps API on an Ionic v1 app to group map markers in clusters based on the zoom level.

I am currently stuck on one particular issue caused by the cluster library that somehow makes the map freeze on a weird one-finger zoom mode. Essentially, when zooming in or out while the clusters are rendering, the map gets stuck, does not load anymore and instead of rendering new map textures when the user tries to move the centre of the map it just zooms in or out (but without rendering or loading). No error message is being displayed.

All markers (40/50) are loaded together, only once, when the map initialises. This only happens on an actual iPhone device. I have not tested it on Android, but I can say this is not happening while testing the app in the browser. See a screenshot of the frozen map here.

Has anyone come across anything similar? Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

We are using MarkerClustererPlus for Google Maps V3 version 2.1.1 [November 4, 2013]
and are experiencing the exact same issue! I was NOT able to reproduce this on the Android device, only on iPhone 7 Plus.

Why do you think it’s related to the marker cluster libs?

Please let me know if you’ve made any progress on this.

Getting the same problem here too and it doesn’t happen on Android. Seems to happen when you click the marker cluster and then start messing around with panning/zooming and then it gets stuck.

It is actually not related to the marker cluster library. We had the exact same issue even after removing the library.

Unfortunately we could not find a solution for it. Eventually we decided to drop the Google Maps API functionality altogether and use the Cordova GoogleMaps plugin instead. No problems ever since.

I hope this helps!