Issue with google maps or ionic?

I’m using google maps api to show listings on the map with markers.

On mobile browsers (or chrome’s developer tool’s emulate feature), markers become unclickable after clicking the first marker. They also become unclickable after moving the map even just slightly. Only when all the markers are created fresh, does the ‘mousedown’ event fire.

I can minimize the issue by re-initializing the map after every click. But that gets a little cumbersome and the map flashes too much.

I’m really lost with this one.

I appreciate all the help.


Edit: This only happens on mobile browsers

Sounds like an issue I had. Try adding data-tap-disabled=“true” to the element containing your map.

Check Losing event binding? for more info

I’ve added it, and updated my link, though it doesn’t appear to do anything different :frowning: