Ionic Upload: Switch account

Hi there,

Ionic upload is a really handsome feature. Though I know it’s pretty new so I’m expecting bugs. It worked fine for me until I tried to change the account I upload to. My intention was to provide an easier way to test for my client so I created an account for them (didn’t want to tell them go sign up to this app, shorter the better).

I’m using "ionic upload -e [email] -p [password]"
It says logged in, and uploading, but uploading returns immediately.
I used this because I uploaded using another account first and I couldn’t find another way to switch accounts (it doesn’t ask me for email and password after the first upload).

Any idea how I can do this?
I tried to delete the app id from the ionic.project file. Didn’t help.

It can also help if someone can tell me the location where ionic keeps the upload account information for the project.

Same problem; I’d like to switch accounts and cant.

I solved in a way that might be a bit brutal:

  1. Deleted my complete ~/.ionic folder (caution! I have no clue what this destroy, use it at your own risk)
  2. Changed the app_id in the project’s ionic.project file to an empty string ("app_id": "")
  3. Ran ionic login
  4. Ran ionic upload
  5. Success

Hope this helps.

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try ionic login it will prompt you to relogin.


That worked for me. Thanks

Great @peerace, it works without 1st step also

Thanks …it worked for me