Ionic two tab bars bug


i’ve got a project with a second tab bar (at the top of the page) within a tab from the first tab bar.
the problem: after starting the project you will be redirected to the page “/#/tab/dash/1”, but there will no content be shown. after navigating to an other tab at the top-bar and back to the first tab, the content will be shown under the same URL.

here a github project which is showing the project:

i hope you can help me.


really nothing?? :-/

is there nobody else with this problem? is my github project working for you? i tried it on different devices, but failed on everyone.

I have the same issue, I don’t have the slide menu but I have nested top tabs within one of the other tabs and it doesn’t seem to handle it well. I’m attempting a work around without the ion-tabs component and it seems to be working fine. You lose the functionality of the navigation history stack independent to each tab though which is obviously a nice feature. I’m pretty sure they’re working on some big improvements with the navigation system atm though, so I’m hoping that will resolve these issues.