Ionic tabs to push a page in the main view and maintain history

Hi all,
I am searching everywhere to find a simple solution. I wonder why this has not been asked previously.
The question is this: I have 4 tabs, Home and 3 others. I want my navigation stays in Home and when I click on the other tabs, they have simply to push a page in the main view. And so, maintain history (and back button). So simple, so hard to achieve for me.
I tried everything.

Not simple in the slightest, because tabs are not pages, and therefore not first-class citizens when navigation is involved. As with so many of these sorts of questions, my first instinct is that tabs are a bad choice for the UI that you want to implement. I only manage to convince about 10-20% of people of this, however, so assuming that you remain similarly determined to keep presenting something that looks like tabs, I’ll just note that <ion-segment> presents very similarly to tabs while giving you complete freedom to go crazy navigating however you want to navigate.