Ionic tabs not displaying Using Angular

Hello everyone, i would like your assistance with my ionic application. i am trying to put tabs for easy navigation, after placing the tabs on my home page, they display, however, when i try to modify the routing module for the tabs on the home page, they dont display.

Attached are the screenshots for the HTML page of the application
the Routing Module and The output

It looks like a typo on ion-label but I don’t know if that would crash the whole app

Also the ion-tab-button tab attribute should be a case-sensitive match the path property in the routes. I would change the template to lower case to match the route paths

See if that helps

I think the ion-label type that @jjdev mentioned cause this. Small errors like this can cause something like this

Thank you for your response, i did try the solutions given, but it still wont display, neither is it showing any signs of errors

the issue occurred after i edited my routing modules

i tried to change the labels

lemme make an attempt with a new program
n slowly or step by step test where the issue will be