Ionic tabs issue with windows phone

Hi Guys,
I know Ionic is not officially supporting for windows phones yet. But I am aware that some of you were able to get it to correctly run on windows. I wonder whether you ever encountered following issue.

I create a simple ionic application using ionic tabs template. Then I added ios, android and windows as platforms. Then I used telerik app builder to build the application. When I installed the application on a windows phone device, in portrait mode, the tabs were missing!!.

I have attached 2 screen caps of portrait and landscape

When i rotate the phone into landscape mode, the tabs appeared but they were appearing a centimeter or so above the bottom of the screen. Apart from missing tabs in portrait mode, rest of the applications functionality is working fine
I was using Microsoft Lumia 640 XL phone running windows 8.1.

Any help in solving this issue is very much appreciated


got the same issue, i’ve 4 icons
on landscape it shifted to the right and only the first 2 icons shows

I don’t know if this will work for you but the issue seems:
.tab-item { max-width: 150px; }

fixed with
.platform-windowsphone .tab-item { max-width: none; }
.platform-windows .tab-item { max-width: none; }