Ionic Tabs Background color (Active State)

Hi there,
i am facing an issue i have tried many codes but they are not working :frowning:

here is my code for tabs

            <ion-tab tabIcon="home" tabTitle="HOME" [root]="tab1Root"></ion-tab>
            <ion-tab tabIcon="settings" tabTitle="Setting" [root]="tab3Root"></ion-tab>
            <ion-tab tabIcon="md-heart" tabTitle="Favt" [root]="tab2Root"></ion-tab>
            <ion-tab tabIcon="man" tabTitle="Profile" [root]="tab3Root"></ion-tab>

here is m .scss file

.tabbar .activated {
background: blue !important;

it is working but not properly … means if click on any button its shows me blue color at the time of button clicked after that it changes to original color