Ionic + Swiper: options not working!

Hi all,

I want to use paginationType: progress, yet it’s not working. Beside that: autoplay is also not working. We know that Ionic uses the old version. Could someone please help and fix this?

Even the own documentation says it: “you can’t use progress if you don’t have pager = true”, yet that does not work because Swiper is outdated when used in combination with Ionic.

 $scope.options = {
    autoplay: 1500,
    effect: 'coverflow',
    autoplayDisableOnInteraction: false,
    loop: false,
    pager: true,
    paginationType: 'progress',
    coverflow: {
      rotate: 50,
      stretch: 0,
      depth: 100,
      modifier: 1,
      slideShadows: true

How to get paginationType: “progress” and autoplay to work?

The documentation you’re referring to is from the latest Ionic version, not Ionic 1 like you’re using. The Ionic Framework V1 docs can be found over here:

Hoi Luuk,

I know that, yet autoplay is supported by Ionic v1 as well. It worked before, but after an update of Ionic, it stopped working.

Beside that: autoplay starts working when you TOUCH the slider MANUALLY. So if you swipe the first slide, it suddenly starts the autoplay! That’s why it’s so confusing. What might be the problem there, could you help?