Ionic submitting multiple forms mysql rest API

Hello folks, I am new here on Ionic framework

i’m trying to find the best ways and what I tools/codes I needs to build an Ionic Application with multiple form inputs and this forms inputs I need to handle it in a dashboard (PHP Fronted).

I want the form inputs go to a Fronted Dashboard (CURD) and in fronted I see all data waiting for approve to send it to the application after I approved it.

this forms will contains image/personal details

woocommerce will be common in this process the apps will show products and I need user to send some of this products to view it in the app this products already in a wordpress

my question is how and what the best methods to do that to help me build the application functions in this moments.

I would like to know if I can send this forms inputs to mysql database via rest api after that ifrom ionic inputs to curd and return back to ionic after approved the inputs from ionic ?.

to make it sample like how i can approved it from dashboard to send it to ionic application ?

How to send a form input a location/personal to my email ? ???

How to create, read, update and delete operation in php and change it in the application ??