Registration form on ionic


I am a newbie developing app with ionic can some please point me to a tutorial that will teach me how to send form data to mysql from ionic. I have been on this for two days now please some one help.


Do you have some sort of web server in front of your MySql server, or some sort of web service you are calling into which sends the data to your MySql server?

You’re going to have to give more information as to what you’re doing (client-side and server-side) for anyone to be able to assess the situation.

  1. What are you doing on the client-side (in your app) - can you post some code?
  2. What do you have on the server-side? Web server, web service, etc.

~ Brad


I created a web service with slim framework php and hosted it on my web server, tested it with restful client on Google chrome and every thing work fine, but don’t know how to implement on ionic to send form data from my app. I have been on it for 3 days now, read on creating service in angular but Not just worling . please help me with a sample script or point me to a tutorial. Thanks


Since you’ve really not given much more information, might I suggest looking at the following links:


Apart from that, without more information, I can’t really help you.

Read the links… slowly. And dissect them thoroughly. They may have some insight into your issue.

Also… I have a feeling that your issue is not with Ionic but with the usage of AngularJS. Here’s another link that can help:

The last thing I can suggest is to look at the slim framework documentation here:

Since slim is a “micro” PHP framework, it may not encapsulate what you’re looking for. You may want to post something on their forum regarding your issue.

~ Brad


Thank you so much, working perfectly now. i could insert data to mysql db. you re the best :slight_smile:


how did you finally succeed in taking input from your form and enter it to the mysql database? please let me know what solution worked for you.