Ionic Storage version needs to be downgraded [Build Error]

I am able to build my app on my computer but I run into errors when building via appflow.

"ERROR in node_modules/@ionic/storage/storage.d.ts:113:9 - error TS1086: An accessor cannot be declared in an ambient context.

113 get driver(): string | null;"

Now I got this exact issue on my computer. All I had to do was downgrade ionic storage to 2.2.0 and its fine. The problem is I am not sure how to downgrade it via appflow’s environment, if that is even possible.

Hi Y4UBradyG,

You are right. You can mitigate this by downgrading the ionic/storage to 2.2.0. The same issue can be seen here:

Once you made the necessary changes in your local system, make sure you commit the changes and try a new build in appflow.

If you are facing any further issues, I would encourage you to contact the Appflow support for further assistance.