Ionic-starter-salesforce - error: package org.apache.cordova does not exist

I’m trying the ionic build android and am getting a javac error

[javac] Compiling 70 source files to /home/todd/projects/ionic/salesfonic0/plugins/com.salesforce/src/android/libs/SalesforceSDK/ant-build/classes
[javac] /home/todd/projects/ionic/salesfonic0/plugins/com.salesforce/src/android/libs/SalesforceSDK/src/com/salesforce/androidsdk/ui/sfhybrid/ error: package org.apache.cordova does not exist
[javac] import org.apache.cordova.CallbackContext;

I was able to build a non-saleforce project OK. I have tried googling but haven’t been able to find anything.
I’m trying this on Ubuntu use nvm. Here are some more details.

nvm --version
ionic --version
cordova --version

If anyone has any suggestions I’d be most grateful.

I’m not sure entirely what the problem was, or in fact if I have entirely fixed it, but in some wild trial and error I went into each of the following dirs and ran ant debug, this has meant that my ionic build android now at least runs without throwing an error.

  • plugins/com.salesforce/src/android/libs/SsalesforceSDK
  • plugins/com.salesforce/src/android/libs/SmartStore
  • plugins/com.salesforce/src/android/libs/SmartSync

I shall continue to work on this (I’ve not yet run it on an emulator or device) and if it all works I’ll try to work out what was up.

So yeah, this runs up fine on an emulator. I assume that it’s something up with my environment.