Ionic start version 4

Simple question - I have Ionic v5.4.4. I need to create an Ionic 4 project. What is the cli command to do this? ionic start myapp blank --type=ionic4 ?? I cannot find any documentation around this.


Can you explain why you need to do this? Latest versions of things tend to:

  • have lots of bugfixes, including important security ones
  • stay supported longer
  • present less updating hassle going forward

Yip, IE11 support. Can you answer the question?

Here it says IE11 isn’t supported by Ionic 5.

I have used Ionic to build a simple login / information site on short notice. But it needs to work on IE11. I can probably just install an older version of the CLI but I’m wondering if there is a type I can just set.

I doubt that would be of any use.

I don’t believe so, no.

In that case, I think you are in for more than a simple “Ionic 4 versus Ionic 5” situation. I would suggest combing through these issues to guide you towards what versions of what specific packages display what behavior WRT IE11.

In general, what I would do is to spawn an ordinary type=angular project and then manually fix versions of key packages within package.json.

Thanks. I have uncommented some of the polyfills in polyfills.ts but I still get syntax errors in IE11. Then I saw Ionic 5 doesn’t support IE but Ionic 4 does. It’s a really simple app so I think Ionic 4 with polyfills should work. I’ll try type=angular and go from there.