Ionic start projectname blank --type=angular works weird


Hello :slight_smile:

I made project with command ionic start projectname blank --type=angular
so that I can create ionic 3 project!

but it works weird…like ask me to connect appflow…(I said no)
the result was weird

from what I have known,
there’s src/app/pages folder which contain html/.ts/.scss files.
but the result is like below. is it ionic 4?

and what happening when I command ionic cordova run android --device to check on my device,
it comes with second screen error. (I’ didn’t touch any of code…so it should work)


For creating ionic 3 projects you need to useionic start projectname blank --type=ionic-angular this command.
ionic start projectname blank --type=angular this command is for creating a project of ionic 4.

and also for creating new page

ionic g page page/home