Ionic snippets / showcase

Hi everyone,

Do you know a site which reference some common ionic snippets ?
I thinking about a site like but for ionic…

If it does not exist, what do you think about starting to list some ionic snippets (in a github repo for example) ?

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I don’t think like this exists right now, though it sounds like a good idea. Alternatively you can check out our learn site for some code samples and ideas

Your learn site is really great to understand and learn Ionic but it’s quite far away from a collection of “ready to use” snippets of code.

What I really like with bootsnipp, is that it allows to find some nice fragment of UI and it’s much larger than bootstrap framework.
In this forum I see some nice snippets and I think it could be valuable to liste them and make them accessible.

I think Codepen seems like a common place for things like this to exist. I like codepen because it allows you to play with and tweak code that someone else wrote so you can see if it will work for what you need it for. I think a curated list or category of “Ionic Showcased” snippet examples would be cool and just link to the codepen section from Ionic’s website.

I like it too :smiley:

I was thinking about a shared document linking to codepen samples (for example a github repos).
If it’s possible to create a shared category and subcategories (for ionic versions) in codepen, go for it !!!

Hi again.

I created to list ionic demos.
Now there is quite few but I will continue to update it.

Feel free to submit new links with pull requests.

I hope you will enjoy it !


Cool :slight_smile: I hope this site would be updated :slight_smile:

Hey guys
Have you checked ?