Ionic slider - lockSwipes(true) disables initialSlide and slideNext() methods?

hi I’m using ionic slider to display todo lists and I want to disable the swipe guestures since my list items have them. Instead I want to use change the slides via methods

this is my cmp

@ViewChild(Slides) slides: Slides;

days: SbCalendarDay[] = [] //this is a list of todoes of each day

ngAfterViewInit() {

    if(direction === 'prev'){

and my view

<div class="sb-calendar-day">
    <ion-slides [initialSlide]="1" (ionSlideDidChange)="slideChanged($event)" (ionSlideWillChange)="slideWillChange($event)">
        <ion-slide *ngFor="let day of days">
            <sb-list [list]="" (sbListEvent)="listEvent($event)"></sb-list>

However when I lock the swipes, the initialSlide input doesn’t work anymore. I’m string of with an array of 3 days with array[1] being the current day.

Furthermore the methods slideNext() and slidePrev() also don’t react. Does lockSwipes(true) completely “locks” down the slider?

Is there a way to only disable the swiping gestures of the slider?