Ion-slides with ion-range on it

I’m creating an Ionic app with ion-slides. On the slides there are questions to fill in, some of the questions are an ion-range.

The problem I’m having is that while I’m selecting a number on the range, the slide also wants to slide to the next slide.

Is there a way to prevent this?

I know there is an option for the slides called allowTouchMove which I can set to true or false, but it looks like that can’t be done dynamically. I tried it with the ionFocus and ionBlur methods on the range, and I see the boolean being changed, but it doesn’t work. The option only works when it’s set tot false in the constructor/ngOnInit.
One of the google results I had searching this problem, also sugested using @ViewChild and than lockSwipes/lockSwipeToNext/lockSwipeToPrev, but while I can “select” the slides with the viewchild, it always says; ‘lockSwipes is not a function’.