Ionic SlideBox to first Slide

Hello Guy and Girls,

I have this slide script on my app, I was need to modify him and now he don’t go back to first one:

<ion-view view-title="Contagem">
<ion-content ng-controller="SlideCtrl" id="home">
<ion-slide-box pager-click="navSlide(index)" auto-play="true" does-continue="true" show-pager="true">
<ion-slide ng-repeat="item in slides">
<a ng-href="{{item.iUrl}}"><div class="color-red"><img style="width:100%;" src="{{}}{{item.extensao}}"></div></a>
</ion-slide class="slider" id="slider">
</ion-content >

And my controller is:

.factory(‘Slides’, [’$firebaseArray’, function($firebaseArray){
var slidesRef = new Firebase(‘https://myfirebase’);
return $firebaseArray(slidesRef);

.controller(‘SlideCtrl’, function($scope, $interval, $ionicSlideBoxDelegate, Slides, $ionicLoading, $http) {
var _this = this
template: ‘Carregando Contagem…’
$http.jsonp(‘’).then(function(result) {
_this.slides = result.slides

})// Loading página inicial

$scope.navSlide = function(index){
  $ionicSlideBoxDelegate.slide(index, 500);
var maxSlides = 20;
var slideCounter = 2;

$scope.slides = Slides;
  var intervalId = $interval( function() {
  $scope.slides = Slides;
                                      }, 3000);

Anyone can give me a hand here, the slide stop on the last one and I want to make him go back to fist slide.

Thank you for your help!!!