Ionic sidemenu shown only for certain views


I would like to know how would be the best way of using ionic to simulate a right side-menu ONLY for certain views.

Example : I have a certain set of screens that require some search functionality, when a search button is clicked on the top right side a right sidemenu opens up which allows for filtering and searching. However in for example a settings screen this wouldn’t be available. Essentially this sidemenu should be a subset of these views.

Additionally likewise if I have a left hand normal side-menu which contains the actualy navigation how would I disable it for certain screens. An example is the dashboard which contains the buttons to the screens, opening up the menu on the left side from the dashboard screen would only show a duplicated navigation.

Also when using the expose-aside attribute I noticed that the hamburger icon does not go away automatically even though it should considering that it does not function when the side-menu is expose by default. How can we hide it in this case.



You can use <ion-side-menu ng-if="shouldSideMenuBeenRendered()"> to determine when a side-menu needs to be included or not