A left AND right side menu. How to Control Each Side Menu Separately (turn off and on, remove, etc)?

I have developed quite a few apps in ionic now, but have not had an app with this requirement yet.

I have two side menus. Right and Left.

One, on the left, exists on nearly every page and changes content based on the pages.

I have another on the right, that is only available on rare pages, showing more data or information and being the “confirmation-like” page action as well as back. I can display both, but once the right one has been initialized, I cannot disable it, and only it, upon going back. Once I go back, I can switch the right template to something blank or useless, but am not finding a way to disable the scroll over from the right which now exists. I would think that $ionicSideMenuDelegate.canDragContent(false) would have a way to specify and interact with each side, therefore menu, individually as well.

Have I missed something? If there is a similar topic somewhere, I am sorry, I have spent quite a while looking and have not found it.