Ionic sidemenu project css

Hello everyone, i have a question thats driving me nuts. I want to change the colour of the entire side menu to the same colour as the header and side menu header.

The header has the dark-bg set as it’s colour as does the side menu header, how do you change the colour of the items on the side menu to reflect the same colour.

I’ve tried adding a css class for this and also tried adding a css class into the in the scss folder but i’m struggling to find the correct variable to alter the colours.

Any help would be appreciated i.e the best solution to this issue and what the variables i need to change.

Thanks in advance.


If u have a left sidemenu u can do this in your “style.css”

.menu-left .item-content {
   background: red;

u can override the styling in your “style.css”

Thanks very much for your reply, i will try this.