How to change ionic 2 tutorial template menu background color

Please how do i change the side menu background color from white to green, am using ionic 2, i installed ionic 2 tutorial template. Please help.

You’d use css and target that element. Take a look at the ion-content in the dev tools, you’ll see what you need to do.

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Hi Kelvin, how are u?
I need to make an app with side menu. Very similar to the image. You get it from somewhere? Can give me a help?

Thank you!

no i didn’t get it from anywhere, i only created the project with the sidemenu option, i followed the tutorial on ionicframework website.

Thanks for the answer!
I think the sample tutorial change then…
Can you show me the code ?

I really want make a side-menu with an image.

I have some problem any help please .

Modify the main app scss