Ionic Shopping e-commerce library

Hey Everyone,

I’m thinking about building an open-source product gallery/shopping cart/checkout library to help users easily add product/cart/checkout (and other e-commerce) content to their ionic applications. I would really love input on if this would be useful to anyone, if so, what kind of features would you want from it.

Some of the core features I’m thinking of building out are:

-Easy integration with stripe/paypal/google wallet
-Basic product gallery and shopping cart content that is encompassed in a directive to be populated by attaching an array of objects into its isolate scope.
-A checkout page with fields (i.e, credit card field, expiration date, address fields, email field, etc… ) with built in validation.

I would love to hear any of your thoughts and suggestions!



Sounds Awesome! I like the integrated payment idea!

Terrific idea

look forward to seeing a first cut - think it will be a very popular add on


Can we know more about your plan about this? I would suggest breaking this e-commerce library into smaller part.

Say, the integration with different wallet itself can be a very popular library.

So if one is still looking for an e-commerce library using Ionic you should check out