Ionic serve with Https secure connection

I would like to know how to run ionic application with Https secure connection. There is a https URL launched inside ionic application but it is not displayed. It gives an error. Please let me know how to run ionic serve with https://localhost:8100/. Please let me know if I need to create root certificate , key file etc. for secure connection.


You don’t need SSL if you’re only connecting to localhost. Unless you have self-trust issues.

The real question would be how to serve it publicly with SSL. The answer is simple… it just like any other site. You simply configure your nginx or apache to use SSL.

Alot of services require https. For example if you want to test your oidc authentication you might not be able to disable https required for the callback.

Is there a solution to run ionic:serve over https?

I use facebook login and facebook does not allow login over http anymore.
Because of that I cannot debug my app on chrome.