How do i use: ionic serve --https

I am developing an ionic react app that needs Google / Facebook login. Facebook requires the site to be a https site. So i did the following:

  1. configured /etc/hosts to set to
  2. Obtained a real SSL cert and private key from godaddy for mydomain, and have it in my filesystem
  3. I want to use: ionic serve --https, but it is mysterious NOT DOCUMENTED anywhere. Whatever doc there is refers to --ssl (experimental), with no further instructions on how to configure and place the cert & key files

Why is this so obscure, when its such a common case? I did a search for this, and i see that a number of questions to this effect remain unanswered, or challenged with “why do you need https in localhost”

I would use something like ngrok to expose your local server to the outside world with https. At lot simpler than configuring certificates on your machine.