Ionic Serve stop working

I start my server with:

ionic serve

It goes up and after load, simply shuts down and give me this message… I don’t know what to do…

Tried, restart pc, reinstall cli and Ionic itself… but nothing…

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i think this error happens your node module is not matching with your app config. try to reinstall nodejs .

Nimesh, I did reinstall.
I don’t know how the problem is happening.

I created 2 projects, an Ionic1 and an Ionic 3.
The first trigger the error. The second launch the server but don’t even load the browser and close itself without any message on the prompt.

create another ionic 1 project using
ionic start sample blank --type ionic1

Copy the node_modules from that directly and paste it in your project

Thanks Akr, I’ll do that, in a few hours though!

I’ll bring the result later! o/

Hi Akr_
I follow your suggestion but it didn’t work.
Also the brand new Ionic1 installation didn’t work too… Same error. But this time a WARN was thrown…


Did you try updating your node js? Or uninstall and reinstalling Node and cordova ionic?