Ionic serve is very slow

Hi all,

I work on windows7 with the ionic cli.
The ionic serve commands takes about 10-15 seconds to digest a change and reload.
The cpu is in the meantime on 100%.
I have a small to medium sized project with about 3 partials and 6 javascript files.
The problem is that i have the ionicons library and all the library is added to the watch array with gaze.js.
What should i do?
Should i delete all the icons not used? But then how can i add a new icon which i will need in the future?
In the meantime i added in Gaze.prototype._addToWatched
if(filepath.indexOf(“ionicons”)>-1) {
I don’t think that this is a valid solution. Maybe it woul be nice to have an option to skip all third partys to watch and tell the users just to restart the serve command after updating the third party.
I will be happy to hear a better solution.



Including ionicons was not necessary.
I removed this library and now everything works fine.


Really sorry to dig up such an old post, but after hours of Google searching the “Ionic serve is very slow” issue, I hope I can help some people. If you are deploying a remote production webapp (AWS, Dreamhost, etc.), I HIGHLY recommend looking at the ionic serve documentation. ionic serve is a cadillac solution which has a lot of awesome features, but if all you want to do is publish a prototype to your friends, these options saved my life:

ionic serve --nobrowser --nolivereload --noproxy

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