Ionic serve & ionic upload crashed

till two days ago every thing is working well
today I updates to ionic v 3.10.2

after that any project I try to serve or upload crashed in the Lint finished line and never move forwards
even when I reinstall version 3.9.2
The problem didn’t solved at all

That’s what I always get

[INFO] Starting app-scripts server: --address --port 8100
–livereload-port 35729 - Ctrl+C to cancel
[13:20:04] watch started …
[13:20:04] build dev started …
[13:20:06] clean started …
[13:20:07] clean finished in 884 ms
[13:20:07] copy started …
[13:20:07] transpile started …
[13:20:44] transpile finished in 37.16 s
[13:20:44] preprocess started …
[13:20:44] deeplinks started …
[13:20:46] deeplinks finished in 1.38 s
[13:20:46] preprocess finished in 1.43 s
[13:20:46] webpack started …
[13:20:54] copy finished in 46.84 s
[13:21:07] webpack finished in 21.76 s
[13:21:07] sass started …
[13:21:20] sass finished in 12.95 s
[13:21:20] postprocess started …
[13:21:20] postprocess finished in 64 ms
[13:21:20] lint started …
[13:21:20] build dev finished in 76.12 s
[13:21:24] dev server running: http://localhost:8100/

[INFO] Development server running
Local: http://localhost:8100

[13:22:26] lint finished in 66.15 s

try running these command

1- npm prune 
2 - npm install
3 - ionic serve

I hope it will solve your problem.

If it doesn’t help you out

post the output of ionic info

when I did that
I get can’t find module 'chalk’
when I installed it I got this

Error: Cannot find module ‘chalk’

M:\hy-themes\rofaida\pages only\New Restaurant>npm install chalk

  • chalk@2.1.0
    added 2 packages, removed 561 packages and updated 3 packages in 189.992s

M:\hy-themes\rofaida\pages only\New Restaurant>ionic serve
[WARN] Detected @ionic/cli-plugin-cordova in your package.json.

   As of CLI 3.8, it is no longer needed. You can uninstall it:

   npm uninstall --save-dev --save-exact @ionic/cli-plugin-cordova

[WARN] Detected @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic-angular in your package.json.

   As of CLI 3.8, it is no longer needed. You can uninstall it:

   npm uninstall --save-dev --save-exact @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic-angula

Error: Cannot find module ‘M:\hy-themes–\pages only\New Restaurant\n

and that’s the result for ionic info

[ERROR] Error with .\node_modules\ionic-angular\package.json file:


[ERROR] Error with .\node_modules@ionic\app-scripts\package.json file:


cli packages: (C:\Users\asmaa ahmed\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules)

@ionic/cli-utils  : 1.9.2
ionic (Ionic CLI) : 3.9.2

global packages:

Cordova CLI : 7.0.1

local packages:

@ionic/app-scripts : not installed
Cordova Platforms  : none
Ionic Framework    : not installed


Android SDK Tools : 25.2.3
Node              : v6.10.2
npm               : 5.3.0
OS                : Windows 8.1

Check your dependencies for Chalk in package.json file

It should be like this

Post your package.json file

The output you posted shows no problem at all. Did I miss anything?

Your installation seems to be pretty messed up now.

Can you create a new project with ionic start and run ionic info there and post that?