Ionic serve give ERROR

When I run command “ionic serve” or “ionic -v” or “ionic cordova build android” I will give this ERROR
Please help me…

Don’t post images of text. Also ensure your error persists when using an LTS release of node.js.

Change export to import in index.js

thanks for replay , but not work!

Are you working on react then the extension is not written " .v1". If you are using vcode check if that module is properly imported

my self have this issue and create a topic here. and now fix that perfectelly

ionic version:6.x
cordova version:9.x

my problem was node and nodejs exist in my system, node version 12.x and nodejs version 8.x…
1- first of all remove node and nodejs from my os
sudo npm uninstall node
sudo apt-get purge nodejs
2-install nodejs again from this link

now:: ionic -v and ionic serve work perfectlly