Cannot Get/ error when serve and other error on build

Hey there guys im getting an error when doing:
ionic serve (Cannot Get/)

And when doing the
ionic build

Need urgent help the deadline is almost gone and need to do some final fixes
PS: this only showed up today… already tried to get package.json from other commits that were working but no luck :confused:
@mhartington if you could help saw a post with almost same problem (already tried to fix that as shown on the other tho)

Did u change node version?

Run ionic build —prod?

Reinstall all node packages?

More as a generic measures when in distress?

I did run build as prod but same problem…
I tried to reinstall and even reinstall nodejs

And the versions of node match with the project?

If not sure, use nvm to manage node versions

Node version mismatch can also cause mysterious errors with node modules

The error was in the version of angular build… an error that occurred from passing the project between the team… i mean someone changed that and forgot to say x)

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