`ionic serve` changes my colors


sometimes (randomly) when making updates in code (html or ts) when ionic serve updates the page
the colors changes and all button look different.

i tried stop ionic serve and run it again but…sometimes it works and sometimes not.

then i close my phpstorm and reopen it and then it all good until it happens again.

any answer?


This looks like iOS design vs Android design to me for the buttons.
(Although the changing background image color is strange…)

How are you displaying the app in your browser? Using devtools to emulate a device?


tnx for the answer.

no, just using ionic serve.
both with same device chesen - no changes.


Still definitely UI components for different platforms. Try ionic serve --lab and show Android and iOS and compare to your screenshots - do they (the input stuff from the other page) match? Do you also get different background colors is you do that?


well…you are right. havn’t notices this small detail :slight_smile: sorry…

any idea why color changes?