Ionic serve and node index.js

My ionic project is connected to a RESTful API so every time if I want to open my project in the browser so before typing “ionic serve”, first I have to type “node index.js” on the API project which is in another folder, not in the same of ionic project. How can I fix that? and make the node index.js automatic every time I type ionic serve. Since I’m in the progress of making a .apk file.

the restful API base url

the ionic project base url

I do one of two things here.

First, during initial development, I create mock classes inside the client for all the services that talk to backend APIs. This completely eliminates the need to even have the API, and I frequently find that what I thought I needed out of the API at the beginning ends up not bearing a whole lot of resemblance to what I actually end up needing after I’ve built much of the frontend.

Secondly, once I do need to have a functioning backend, I put it into a container (I use docker for this purpose, but if you like podman or something, fine).

Not sure what a mock class is but I’ve created this:


api_URL = “http://localhost:3000”;
return this.http
.get(this.api_URL +"/products/" + Name)

index.js node folder

app.get(’/products/:name’, (_req, _res) => {
mysqlConnection.query(“SELECT * FROM Products Where Name Like ?”, [], (err, rows, _fields) => {
if (!err)

Maybe I should have asked: How to set the express server to run automatically/ all the time?

interface Employee {
  id: string;
  name: string;
interface EmployeeServiceFacade {
  fetchAllEmployees(): Observable<Employee[]>;
  employeeById(id: string): Observable<Employee | null>;
  updateEmployee(e: Employee): Observable<string>;
class EmployeeService implements EmployeeServiceFacade {
  constructor(private http: HttpClient) {}
  fetchAllEmployes(): Observable<Employee[]> {
    return this.http.get<Employee{]>("/api/employees");
  ... actual implementations of other methods
class MockEmployeeService implements EmployeeServiceFacade {
  mockEmployees: Employee[] = [
     {id: "001", name: "Arianna Allen"},
     {id: "002", name: "Billy Bogart"},
     {id: "003", name: "Candace Cooper"},
  fetchAllEmployees(): Observable<Employee[]> {
    return of(this.mockEmployees);
  ... etc
class AppModule {
  providers: [
    // comment out one of the following two lines to swap back and forth between
    // mocked and actual service
    {provide: EmployeeService, useClass: MockEmployeeService},
class EmployeePage {
  constructor(private svc: EmployeeService) {
    // this class has no clue whether it is getting a real or mock service, and therefore
    // can be thoroughly developed and tested without needing a production deployment
    // environment