Ionic-select set item-icon to the right

I need the items of this (really great btw) control to be on the right. here’s a example where it’s on the left:

i tried playing with the item icon css but without sucess

Any idea?

Add in your html where is the code in radio button:



<ion-radio slot="end" value="biff" checked></ion-radio>

I hope this help!

I am afraid that it is very difficult, unless you download the source code of the library and modify it and repackage and install it in your project, since it does not have inputs that allow you to make the change of position, because check the documentation, and on the right side you can add an edit icon through an input, but otherwise not since the default control adds the chek to the left side.

I’m afraid this won’t work, you should recheck the documentation or source code so you can see that it’s not a natural component of ionic.

that didnt work… :slightly_frowning_face:

that’s a bummer.
thank you so much

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