Ion-item checkbox to the right


how do i align the check-box to the right in an ion item

<ion-item> <ion-label>Daenerys Targaryen</ion-label> <ion-checkbox dark checked="true"></ion-checkbox> </ion-item>


Currently it’s not supported, there’s an open issue about it:


It works for me…

<button clear>
    <ion-label>Lí e aceito os termos</ion-label>
    <ion-checkbox item-right secondary checked="false" [(ngModel)]="aceito"></ion-checkbox>


The framework now supports item-left or item-right on the checkbox, radio, or toggle components.


I found this worked for me:

Use an “item-end”

Checkboxes, Radios and Toggles
Checkboxes are positioned in the same place as the item-start attribute. Radios and Toggles are positioned in the same place as the item-end attribute. All of these components can be positioned differently by adding the item-start or item-end attribute.


This works for me too.