Ionic Select Popover does not include options

I have copied and pasted an example straight from the docs:

<ion-select interface="popover" placeholder="Select One">
      <ion-select-option value="brown">Brown</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="blonde">Blonde</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="black">Black</ion-select-option>
      <ion-select-option value="red">Red</ion-select-option>

However, my popover does not actually include any of those options. You can see that the popover viewport is empty:

If I set it’s height, I can see that there is a popover appearing in the right spot, but it has a height of zero by default since none of my options are in it.


I’ve literally taken the example from the docs. Why is just having a working select box hard.

Using Vue. In vue for whatever reaosn you have to import like every single component which is very annoying, am i missing some import or something i have no idea.