Ionic 5, ion select & ion select option custom css not working

hello, so i’m new for using ionic vue… currently im using ionic 5. so im having some problem here. im using ion-select & ion-select-option

what i want to do is

  1. change the size of the pop over box
  2. when the content of ion-select-option is too long, the text will be break and goes down (not overlay)

but i did change the css, and trying some solution on the internet, the popover box wont change even just for the background color

the photo is some of the css selector that i tried

can anyone help or give the solution?


Give a Class Name to Popover (in Ts) and then manage with that Class.
Like this

async presentPopover(ev: any) {
    const popover = await this.popoverController.create({
      component: PopoverComponent,
      cssClass: 'my-custom-class',
    return await popover.present();

Note: You have to write the css in Custom File Css. In Page css it wont Work.