Ionic select does not auto select value with Angular form builder

Here is my code

import {Component} from "@angular/core";
import {ViewController, Events} from "ionic-angular";
import {FormBuilder, Validators} from "@angular/forms";

export class AccountEditModalPage {
    form: any;
    constructor(private viewCtrl: ViewController,
                private ionic: IonicUtilProvider,
                private formBuilder: FormBuilder) {
   ionViewWillLoad() {
        // Validate user registration form
        this.form ={
            gender:   ['male', Validators.required],

        _.each(this._user, (value, key) => {
            if (this.form.controls[key]) {

and on my html page

                <ion-label stacked>{{'Gender' | translate}}</ion-label>
                <ion-select formControlName="gender">
                    <ion-option value="male">{{'Male' | translate}}</ion-option>
                    <ion-option value="female">{{'Female' | translate }}</ion-option>

The problem is the ionic select does not select the option although the form control has the correct value. Is it Angular bug or Ionic bug?

Got the same error,