Ionic - SCSS - '[scss] ) expected' && '[scss] { expected' error messages

Hi. i am new to Ionic and Sass dev…
But i got a problem and couldn’t find the answer anywhere…

variables.scss is not compiling…

I have just updated Ionic and created a new template… But the problem still there…
Ionic-conference-app works just fine… So i don’t think is a problem with my npm packages.

The same problem has been very well detailed on stack overflow (link below), still with no answer:

Anyone know what could be wrong? Thanks in advance.

No one? This is no working… Even in blank template.

just leave it…i have the same warning since first day of using ionic 2…didnt affect anything though you still can run the project

Is not just that… i am changing the colors to “primary” but the app goes only grey.

the new syntax to set color is use color=“primary” attribute in component

I was doing that… =/ Will try to create from template again… Maybe something got wrong. Thanks for the answer!

Now it worked! :smiley: