Sass import ionic

I’am facing a problem when importing ionic.scss file in my scss file.
Compass failed with error with the comment in ionic scss file.
If i remove comment from ionic.scss it works.
Any ideas ?

@import "ionic"; or @import "../lib/js/ionic/scss/ionic" produce same error

I’am using:
grunt-cli v0.1.13
Compass 0.12.2 (Alnilam) (last version)
ionic 1.0 beta and nigthly

Running “compass:dist” (compass) task
directory .tmp/styles/
error app/sass/app.scss (Line 6 of app/lib/js/ionic/scss/ionic.scss: Invalid CSS after “…ionicons.scss”,": expected file to import (string or url()), was “// Variables”)
create .tmp/styles/app.css