Cordova build failed for Windows

I want to test my app on Windows / Windows Mobile. For this I first installed Visual Studio Community 2017 and then I downloaded Windows 10 SDK & Mobile Development with JavaScript. After that I added Windows platform, and 2 lines of code in config.xml that looks like below

    <preference name="windows-target-version" value="10.0" />
    <preference name="windows-phone-target-version" value="10.0" />
    <engine name="windows" spec="5.0.0" />

Now when I run ionic cordova build windows -- --arch="x64" I am facing below error

        Configuration : debug
        Platform      : x64
  Patching 10 in prebuild event...
  Injected base.js reference to the /www/index.html
  Removing /( *)(<script\s+(?:type="text\/javascript"\s+)?src="\/\/Microsoft.WinJS.2.0\/js\/base.js">\s*<\/script>)(\s*)/ from /www/index.html
  Removing /( *)(<script\s+(?:type="text\/javascript"\s+)?src="\/\/Microsoft.Phone.WinJS.2.1\/js\/base.js">\s*<\/script>)(\s*)/ from /www/index.html
Error: AppPackages doesn't exists

What I am missing in my project?

See here Building windows 10 App