Ionic run ios problem with provisioning

I have a know bug with cordova that I can’t handle with ionic.
When running “ionic run ios”, I get this error:

[ 70%] VerifyingApplication

2016-09-14 12:43:55.482 ios-deploy[40239:1690388] [ !! ] Error 0xe80000be: unknown. AMDeviceSecureInstallApplication(0, device, url, options, install_callback, 0)

Error: Error code 253 for command: ios-deploy with args: --justlaunch,–no-wifi,-d,-b,/Users/grischa/dev/EddyApp/platforms/ios/build/device/

I have read this post that explains how to solve it for a cordova project:

However “ionic run ios” always recreates the ios app (or so I think), and I always get the error again.

I can run the app from xcode.
I have a valid provisioning profile.
The problem started after I created a real provisioning profile with itunes connect and deployed with testflight.

What I think is that I need to tell ionic what the correct provisioning profile is, what dev user to use,… - but where do I do that?

Best regards Grischa


Did run into exactly the same issue. Does anybody know a solution?

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Anyone else with this problem? I just wonder if this is a bug or just some kind of misconfiguration on my side???

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