Ionic Run Android: Splashscreen and icon reverting to cordova default icons


When doing a “ionic run android” with my Android devices, the splashscreen and icon come up as the cordova defaults, not the ones I made. I’ve already run “ionic resources”, and the images seem to have built correctly, since I checked platforms/android/res and they are there. I removed and readded the android platform, also didn’t help.

My Cordova CLI version is 6.4.0. I read that downgrading to 6.3.1 could help, but doing this gave me this error:
A problem occured configuring root project ‘android’.

failed to find target with hash string ‘android-23’ in: /Users/me/Library/Android/sdk

Android 23 is installed in my sdk. I uninstalled cordova and ionic and then reinstalled them, the same issue still appeared. I had to go back to 6.4.0 to get rid of the error, but then I’m back again stuck with the same cordova default splash and icon.


Try this:

ionic platform remove android ionic platform add android@6.1.0


Thank you so much! This fixed it and saved me a lot of time, appreciate the help!


I spent more than 48 hours to figure this out!
Finally my app went live :slight_smile:

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That is great, congrats! I was on this issue for 3 days before your fix worked, many thanks again!