Ionic resource generate psd: image too large

Using the ionic resources generator:

ionic resources --splash

i got the error: “✗ Invalid upload: image too large”

Which is the max file size? Didn’t find in the docs.

According to the doc, the source image’s minimum dimensions should be 2208x2208 px, how big is yours?

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@gmarziou the problem is not with the dimensions of the psd (the one the designer sent me was made with the psd template from ionic tutorial), the problem is the file size (megabytes). I tried with one that is 5mB, it worked. Another with 27mB (???) throws this error.
I just need to inform the designer what is the max size he can work with.

PSD is a format that takes disk space, why don’t ask him a PNG file as the resources will be created in PNG anyway.

The limit on the file size is 20mb.

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@gmarziou I had already converted it to png and generated the splashscreens with success. I just had to document this for the others developers and designers from the company I work for.

@brandyshea thanks! I’ll do a test!